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Welcome to St Boswells' Guest Book. Below you can read messages left by previous visitors. If you haven't done so already, please leave a message of your own.

St Boswells Guestbook

About the St Boswells Guestbook

01 This is our new guestbook, through which we wish to link all those from St Boswells worldwide, and those who care about them. The site is pre-moderated, so your message will not appear instantly. Normally next day. The Borders Family History Society has recently set up a website. We are pleased to provide a link: Borders Family History Society ... [more]


Wilsons from Berwickshire area in 1800's

38 Country: Woodstock Canada Enquiry: I am told I have relations in the Benrig cemetery. Also have you heard of Greenlaw Parish and a home named Springwells where the Wilsons may have lived in the early 1800s. Also a place called Brotherstone also a place called Choicelee located about seven kilometres from Duns also a place called Turtlleton Donald Wilson Email: Busses@rogers. ... [more]


Alexander Kinghorne of Crossflat

37 Country: Australia Seeking information on Alexander Kinghorne (1770-1846). I am a descendent of Alexander Kinghorne, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, who lived at Crossflat Farm, near St Boswells, circa 1813 until 1824. In the latter year he and most of his family migrated to Australia. I am seeking any historical records that would (a) confirm Kinghorne's lease of the farm in this perio ... [more]


Scott Smith Calls

36 Country: UK Born and brought up in St Boswells, 1951 to 1970. Moved when Dr Beeching closed the railway. Good to see village has many activities. Still a beautiful place, my kids love as does elder brother Graham's partner from Oxford. Scott Smith Email: scottsmith365@gmail.com Phone: 07756611166 ... [more]


Boswell from St Boswells

35 Hi I'm doing some research. I've just found out my brother has passed away. His name is Robert Boswell. My mum married a Robert Boswell who came from the village. They had two children Robert and Elizabeth Boswell They left Scotland when my brother was only two and my sister four and came to England, I have found out I was a Boswell when I was born. Ms Marie Hayes Email: Bea.h ... [more]


Ritchie Remembers

34 Country: New Zealand Great little village, played rugby here in 97/98. Karl Berquist (Ritchie) ... [more]


Appreciation from Robert Brown

33 Country: UK Enquiry: As a Boswells boy living away from the village for many years, I thought your March Parish letter was thoughtful and allowed you to look inward to oneself. Thank you. Robert Brown Email: bobborderreiver@aol.com Phone: 07774721899 Include email: Yes Add message to site: Yes ... [more]


Can you help Viviane contact John Brown?

32 Name: Viviane Lopes Phone: ++967979273 Country: Brazil Enquiry: My name is Viviane and I have a good friend that lives in St. Boswells. His name is John Brown, he works with computers, last time we talked was last August, he was going to Glasgow for a 15 days work and he disappeared since that. I am worried about him, he did not answer my email, letters, neither my xmas card. Can ... [more]


Seeking George Boyd

31 Enquiry: I am looking for a George Boyd formerly Sharkey. I am led to believe he lives in St Boswells. Any information would be gratefully appreciated. Name: Caroline Gribbon Email: leah.gribbon@talktalk.net ... [more]


Memories of Alec and St Boswells Band from Carol

30 I would just like to make a comment about the St Boswells Brass band pictures over the years, put in by Helen Robertson, son Gordon and Martin Innes. They brought back many happy memories of the band and all the folks that used to be in the band. Some very colourful characters. Genuine people in fact. I was in the band myself for many years, this was encouraged by my dad Watt Nichol. I had m ... [more]


Hunter and Lamb in St Boswells

29 Country: England Enquiry: I visited St Boswells over the easter weekend, as my ancesters came from there and are now buried at Benrig cemetery. I would be interested if anyone knows anything about the Hunter family and the Lamb family which lived there from the early 1800\'s to 1969 (my last date in St Boswells) the 2 houses in question are Glenfield house and Portland place. Also ... [more]


A Boswell from the US

28 Country: USA Comments: My family name is Boswell, and I would appreciate information about your village name. I understand that the name of your village came from the church that was name was dedicated to St. Boisil. Can someone tell me how St. Boisil was changed to St. Boswell? I have been able to trace my family to England in 1653 and would appreciate any information that can be share ... [more]


Mennon, Manning, Craig and Nicol.

27 Country: USA Comments: Looking for information on my Scottish Ancestry - Mennon, Manning, Craig, Nicol. Debbie Galante cnordg@msn.com ... [more]


Robert Brown from Florida

26 Country: Florida USA Comments: St Boswells is one of the Borders most beautiful villages. Having spent a number of years away from the village, it is always great pleasure to return to the area and renew friendships. Robert Brown bobborderreiver@aol.com ... [more]


Keith Bell seeking Weatherlys

25 Country:Australia? Comments: Are still any Weatherlys living in Weirgate Way?Would like to hear from them if possible Keith Bell keithb2000au@yahoo.com ... [more]


Remember Elma and Bert?

24 Country: Sabden England Comments: I am the daughter of Elma (nee Laidler) and Bert Bywater (who are still living in Sabden, Lancashire). Elma was born in Laurel Cottage St Boswells in May 1925. Elma and Bert met in St Boswells during WWII and have been married for 62 years. I would be interested to hear from people who know them. Angela Galea Email: galeaajp@hotmail.co.uk ... [more]


Tweed Bank House - St Boswells or Newtown?

23 country: England comments: I wonder if anyone could give me information on Tweed Bank House? All I have is a reference to John Jopling Weatherley giving Tweed Bank House, nr. St Boswells as his address in 1866. Does the house still exist? Any information would be very gratefully received. It was great to find this website! Pam Pam Bennett (jamesdent@fsmail.net) ... [more]


Robin Mitchell from St Boswells

22 country: U S A comments: My late husband Robert (Robin) Mitchell was from St. Boswells. I visited this place twice. Someday, my son and I will probably visit St. Boswells again. People are nice and hospitable. Priscilla Mitchell (priscillajmitchell@sbcglobal.net) ... [more]


Tait of St Boswells

21 country: Australia comments: I would love to know what people I went to school with are doing now. We left the village in 1965 for new adventures down under and have found plenty. Still have contacts in the village, Bill Tait in Hamilton Place is my uncle and Shenagh and Cliff Ellershaw are related. Jean Lawrie was one of my teachers and if Jean Johnson is still around she was our Guid ... [more]


The Robsons of Crossflat

20 country: New Zealand comments: Sandra and I both grew up at Crossflat Farm MAXTON with our brothers Graeme and Brian (Speeder). Our parents were Ronnie and Joyce Robson. Your site was very interesting , pictures looked great. Douglas and Sandra Robson (sandra.thomas@actrix.co.nz) ... [more]


William Rankine of St Boswells



John Younger of St Boswells

18 country: Canada comments: John Younger - Shoemaker Looking for any information about him. He was my GGGGgreat Grandad. Kevin Hugh (kahugh@shaw.ca) ... [more]


Greetings from Melbourne from the Youngs

17 country: Australia comments: Hi, Ron, myself and 3 children left St Boswells for Melbourne in 1971. Ron played rugby and was captain in 1966. We lived in Weirgate Way, but had been in Springfield Terr for 3 years before that. Hi to anyone that still remembers us! Ron & Nicky Young (nickyy@rabbit.com.au) ... [more]


Adaline Remembers

16 country: USA comments: Hi to everyone back in Bonnie Scotland - I was born in St.Boswells and still have many fond memories of the 17 years I lived there - the Post Office and Village Hall don't seem to have changed since I was there. Interested to know if the bus-station is still the local hangout for kids? Adaline Avery (adalineavery@yahoo.com) ... [more]


Can you help - Fisher family.

15 18 Lemont Road Sheffield England S17 4HA Telephone: 0114 262 1342 comments: Two of my relatives were born in St Boswells in the mid 19th century, and I'm hoping to find out why they should be born there and whether there were earlier links with the village. Their father was William Fisher, a shoemaker living in Weirgate. One child, Mary is registered in St Boswells - 24th Sept 1847 ... [more]


Remembering Rev Canon John Caird

14 country: England (Wiltshire) comments: An early contributor to the site (Entry 4) was the Rev. Canon John Caird. At the time of writing to you, May 2004, he was in Palliative Care in Winnipeg and passed away on 5th August 2004. John was a Son of the Village and cousin of the late Walter Nichol, raised firstly at Whitehill, in late 1947, he moved into St Boswells, living with and rais ... [more]


Christian Haig - Ancestry?

13 town: Machias, Maine, USA postcode: 04654 country: USA comments: Descended from a Christian Haig, dw. Kelso, early 18th century. Does anyone know her ancestry? Else my web is: http://www.geocities.com/robbieremlap Rob Palmer (Robbieremlap@Yahoo.com) ... [more]


Bobby Alexander is on his way!

12 country: Australia comments: Hello everyone I know. Just a quick message to say I'm coming home in 1 month. See you all then. Bobby Alexander ... [more]


Greetings from Alex Edgar

11 country: England comments: Hello I used to live on Main Street, St Boswells in SANDSFIELD - its got a development in its field in the back now, but SANDSFIELD was next to a well and a plaque. Please have a look for us and write back what it says. Love from England, wish you were here. Alex Edgar (thesovereign@walla.com) ... [more]


Frances Shillinglaw Remembers

10 country: England comments: Best wishes to all at St Boswells. I am really a Newtown person and remember the rivalry when I was at school when the school at Newtown was for all the local villages. My only contact now with the village is with Iain Bain whose parents, the local pharmacists, were my very good friends. My father was the Minister in Newtown, now more than 30 years ago, I al ... [more]


Simon Kennedy after 20 years

9 country: London, England comments: Went to St Boswells primary from years 1 to 4. Mrs Sutherland was my 1st and 2nd year teacher ('81 and '82). Lived on Armours Drive. Left in 1984. Would love to come and see the old place again one day. Simon Flett (now Kennedy) (simon_kennedy_@tiscali.co.uk) ... [more]


Seeking Mills Family

8 country: Canada comments: My grandfather, Ralph Mills, was born in Kelso in 1891 and later came to Canada with his parents in approximately 1910. The extended Mills family lived in Kelso, (Jedburgh and St. Boswells, as well), going back, I believe to the late 1580's. Does anyone know of Mills folks still in the area? A. Mills (mail@trinityottawa.ca) ... [more]


A Wanderer Returns - Welcome Back, Margo

7 country: Scotland comments: I've just found this site and have found it very interesting, particularly as I intend to move home to St Boswells. My husband and I are currently renovating the family home for our retiral. If Jean Johnstone, who runs the craft club, was a teacher at the primary school about 46 years ago, she will remember me - Margo Myers. Jean, if it is you I'm loo ... [more]


Melbourne Calling St Boswells

6. country: Australia comments: As an ex-boslite it's great to St Boswells on the web in downtown Elwood, Melbourne, Australia. Hope all is well. Brian Higgins (bjh@alphalink.com.au) ... [more]


Greetings - Ex St Boswells Calling

05 country: England comments: I had to write to wish you well with your website and particularly the guestbook feature. Now that "Expat Express" seems to have been discontinued this is a great way for those of us no longer living in the village to keep in touch with village life. It was good to see that my old friend, John Caird, has already registered his comments with you Jim ... [more]


Greetings from Canada - John Caird

04 country: Canada comments: Congratulations St Boswells. I lived in the village from l948 to l958. The web page was sent to me by James Bunton , my oldest friend from the village. It was a grand place in which to grow up and I have fond memories of swimming in the Tweed at Brockies Hole and the Cauld. Also walks along the river to the Abbey. We were so lucky to have such a wonderful ... [more]


Greetings from Western Australia

03 Country: Western Australia Comments: Have happy memories from there. Is Jocky McDonald still going strong? All the best with this site Keith Bell (keithb2000au@yahoo.com) ... [more]


A Helpful Site for Newcomers - That's Why It's There.

02 country: Scotland comments: I found this site excellent. Very informative and interesting especially seeing as I have only lived in this area for 6 months and discovering new facts, and places all the time..... Dave J. ... [more]


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