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St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

Lessudden House

Lessudden House

At the east end of the village stands Lessudden House, once known as Lessudden Place, the home for many years of the Scotts of Raeburn, who acquired the property in 1664. It was originally a Border stronghold surrounded by a high wall which enclosed all the outbuildings, garden and "doo cote". The wall was removed in 1780.

It is not known for certain when the first building was erected, but mention is made in the Hamilton Papers of 1548-9 of the house being rebuilt after the older one had been "brent, raced and cast daun in 1545". Much rebuilding and alteration has been done since then, and today it is regarded as being a 17th century structure as most of the major remodelling work was done in 1685.

In the grounds stands the Burial Aisle of the Scotts dating from 1686, the cylindrical doocot from the same date and two sundials, dating from 1706 and 1739 are built into the garden walls.

Walter Scott, known as "Beardie" was the great-grandfather of Sir Walter Scott. An ardent Jacobite, he vowed never to shave again until the Stuart dynasty was restored. He is buried behind Kelso Abbey.

The direct line of succession died out in 1935 with the death of another Walter Scott. The last member of the family, Loiusa, died in 1969 at the great age of 99 years.

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