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St. Boswells Scotland

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Information on the village of St. Boswells in Scotland.

The River Tweed, Scottish Borders

From its source at Tweed's Well, near the Lanarkshire boundary, the River Tweed runs east to join the North Sea at Berwick upon Tweed. With a length of some 156 kilometres (97 miles) it forms, for its last few miles, the border between Scotland and England. The first stretch of the Tweed is by far the steepest and by the time it reaches Peebles, it has fallen two thirds of its total drop o ... [more]


Bridges of the River Tweed

Bridges of the Tweed Berwick Bridge Built 1611 to 1634 by James Burrell. 355 metres long and 5 metres wide.Has 15 red sandstone arches with cutwaters which carry Doric columns and busts. The arches are highest at the North end 14 metres. Now only used one way for traffic. Royal Border Bridge Built 1846 to 1849 by Robert Stephenson for the York, Newcastle and Berwick Railway, completi ... [more]


St Cuthbert's Way and the River Tweed

When St Cuthbert's Way comes down from Bowden, it goes down Newtown Glen to the south bank of the River Tweed. It follows the course of the Tweed from Newtown St Boswells, past Dryburgh, St Boswe ... [more]


Netting on The River Tweed - A Memory

Trevor Swan Remembers Our family have really been in the fishing industry since about 1809 when there was a Francis Swan fishing on the Tweed at Great Haugh. This was in the Blake papers and the Bl ... [more]


The Berwick Swan & Wildlife Trust

The mouth of the River Tweed, at Berwick, has for many years been the home of a very large number of mute swans. As the result of a pollution incident in 1992, and the ensuing problems, The Berwick Swan & Wildlife Trust was set up. The Berwick Swan & Wildlife Trust ... [more]


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